How to Write an Accident Report Before Visiting a Truck Accident Attorney in Fort Collins

by | Jul 23, 2018 | outreachlaw

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After getting into an accident involving any type of vehicle, especially a truck, a report will need to be written and completed for the insurance company and also if somebody decides to file a lawsuit with a truck accident attorney in Fort Collins. While the police will also file a report, it should also be done by oneself. Here are some tips on how to do just that.


The first information which should be gathered is the names, personal information, and insurance information of everyone involved in the accident, whether they were driving, and if they were injured. All information should be exchanged between all people present. After this is done, write down information pertinent to each vehicle involved in the accident, such as make, model, year, and color. If there is damage to any of the vehicles, make sure to note it and also be sure to write down the license plate information. Sometimes, taking pictures with a smartphone can make this process easier, but it is always good to have everything in writing as well.


Before going to see a truck accident attorney in Fort Collins, make sure to take note of what the road conditions were like at the scene of the accident and what the weather was like in the area that day. Write down the nearest address, landmarks, or cross streets if possible. If there were witnesses who were not involved in the accident, try to get written statements from them and get their contact information in case it is needed in the future. If using an official accident report form, there may be space to sketch out what happened when the accident occurred. If the report form is not official, this can still be done on a blank piece of paper.

Once all pertinent information has been gathered and recorded, it may be time to visit an experienced law firm such as Burton & Burton, especially if there is an injury involved or if the other driver was negligent in their actions. They may be able to get the victim remunerated for their pain and suffering.