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Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney in Norfolk, VA

Over 120,000 automobile accidents occur annually in the Commonwealth of Virginia. When individuals have been involved in an accident in eastern Virginia, they sometimes hire an auto accident attorney in Norfolk, VA to help fight for their rights to receive fair compensation for their losses. Nobody plans to be involved in an accident, especially one that causes long and painful recoveries, and knowing ahead of time how to hire a skilled attorney can help individuals avoid making a costly mistake.

When to Use an Attorney

After minor incidents such as fender benders, dealing with insurance companies is clear-cut, and individuals can handle communications with the insurance companies on their own. Using an attorney in these types of situations may not be worth the additional cost for their services. However, in cases where there is significant property damage, a death, or major physical injuries, a skilled attorney can bring peace of mind to their clients, allowing them to focus on their recovery instead of worrying about all of the details involved with seeking fair compensation.

Experience Matters

Not all lawyers are equal. Auto accident claims involve specific legal knowledge about state and local traffic laws, insurance regulations and medical situations. This knowledge is attained through experience working with similar cases. Do not choose just any attorney to represent your interests. Look for an auto accident attorney in Norfolk, VA that focuses their attention on accident cases and has a history of positive results, especially with circumstances similar to yours.

When to Contact an Attorney

Virginia, like most states, has a statute of limitations on personal injury claims. This means that claims must be filed within a specified period following an accident or they will not be allowed. Additionally, over time, evidence will be lost, so contacting an attorney as early as possible can help to preserve evidence and strengthen the case.

Free Consultations

Nearly all attorneys offer free consultations. Use the opportunity to see how comfortable you feel with the attorney because the case could take a long time. Be sure to discuss the attorney’s fee structure so there are no surprises later on. Avoid hiring any attorney who says they can guarantee a particular outcome because they cannot. Contact Price Perkins Larkin for more information or to speak with an auto accident attorney in Norfolk,