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Hire A Criminal Attorney In Rochester MN For A Better Outcome To Your Case

No matter what type of criminal charge an individual is charged with, the outcome of their case will be better when they hire a Criminal Attorney in Rochester MN to represent them. A criminal attorney doesn’t judge an individual on their crime and understands the ramifications a conviction can have on their current life and future. An individual should never give details to friends, family, cell mates or the police when they’ve been arrested and they should immediately speak with a criminal attorney to begin building their defense.

Misdemeanors and Felonies

There is a misconception that misdemeanors aren’t very serious and won’t mean much on their criminal record and this is not true. An individual who is convicted of a misdemeanor crime of theft could be eliminated from getting a job, and an individual who has been convicted of a misdemeanor DUI offense will have higher insurance rates. Although a misdemeanor is a lower offense than a felony, it can still affect an individual in serious ways throughout their life.

Being Stopped or Questioned by the Police

There are procedures police must follow whenever they pull an individual over for a DUI and the individual should be courteous and limit the amount of information they tell the police. Any information the police collect before an individual has been read their rights can be used against them in court. It’s very important that the individual remember everything that happened during the arrest because if procedures weren’t followed, a Criminal Attorney in Rochester MN can use this information to have evidence suppressed or thrown out during a court hearing.

Plea Deals

An experienced criminal attorney will not immediately suggest that an accused individual discuss a plea deal. They will thoroughly review the evidence and determine if it’s overwhelming for their client or if there are holes in the case. If an individual is innocent, an attorney will never suggest a plea deal and will only suggest this type of situation when the evidence is strong against the accused individual for a better outcome to their case.

If you’ve been arrested, contact a criminal attorney as soon as possible. For more information, please feel free to Browse the Site.