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It Is Advantageous to Retain a Lemon Law Lawyer

The state of California has some of the nation’s strongest lemon laws. So, if you’ve been experiencing any problems with your used or new vehicle then you’re capable of seeking legal advice concerning the issue. New Mexico Lemon Law and California Lemon Law gives consumers broad protection with the means to deal with a defective vehicle. You could qualify for relief and need to hire a lemon law attorney to assist you in getting the compensation you deserve under the law.

Turn Your Lemon into Lemon-Aid

When you hire experienced attorneys to handle your ‘lemon’ you’re taking the first step in receiving maximum compensation. Professional legal assistance from accomplished and trustworthy attorneys gives you the opportunity to either have your money refunded or get a replacement vehicle. Chances are you may not even have to pay any fees in relation to your case, the manufacturer or dealership will. This is especially true if the complications you started to have occurred while the manufacturer’s warranty was still in effect.

How Does the Lemon Law Work in California?

The lemon law in California works well for consumers that can prove they have attempted to have their vehicle repaired a reasonable amount of times. It is important that you have given the manufacturer plenty of opportunities to repair your car especially if the impairs significantly reduce the value or safety of the car. The law simply requires that you have given the manufacturer a reasonable opportunity to repair your car while the warranty is still in effect. You can also have proof of repairs after the warranty has expired. So, if you have experienced a major repair early on and it resurfaces, you aren’t left without any recourse. You may be entitled to what’s called a legal presumption via the California Lemon Law. For more details contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® or visit