Hire an Attorney for Matters of Property Law in Chico, CA

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Lawyers

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A property transaction can go wrong when one party attempts to take advantage of another, and a lawyer who practices Property Law in Chico CA knows the state’s rules on property transfers. When handling a property issue, a person should consider whether hiring an attorney could be beneficial.

What do Personal Property Lawyers Do?

Personal property lawyers can represent clients in disputes over the transfer of moveable property such as cars, furniture, jewelry, stocks, and bonds. This type of property is different from intellectual property and real estate.

How Can a Person Determine Whether They Need a Property Lawyer?

A person may want to call a personal property attorney for the following reasons.

• Creation of leases and contracts

• Validating title to a property

• Buying something sold by someone who lacked the right to make the sale

• Damage to personal property

If a client is confused about the state’s laws on property transfers, a property lawyer can explain what they need to do and guide the client through the process of filing paperwork and attending court dates.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Personal Property Lawyer?

All lawyers have different billing methods, but many property lawyers charge an hourly rate for courtroom representation and a flat or hourly fee to review or draft documents. To avoid expensive and unpleasant surprises when the bill arrives, clients and attorneys should set the rates for all services provided in the beginning.

What Should Clients Expect When Hiring a Property Attorney?

When a client hires a lawyer who practices Property Law in Chico CA, they can expect to settle the controversy over property ownership. Court rulings and negotiations may determine that the client owns the property in question, and the client would be able to retain the item or receive compensation for a prior sale. If it is determined that the client doesn’t own the item, they must give it up or compensate the owner for it. A property lawyer will know which actions to take in order to resolve ownership disputes. Call or visit the office of Attorney Raoul J LeClerc to schedule a no-obligation consultation.