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Hiring an Attorney to Help with Confusion in Metro Accidents in College Park, Maryland

A popular form of public transportation in Maryland is the Metro, which could be the bus or the train, and many people experience accidents on the transit system. In any Metro accident, the situation can get confusing as injured parties try to figure out who is to blame for what happened. Those injured parties may need to hire an attorney or law firm experienced with handling Metro accidents in Maryland. A law firm with experience handling Metro Accidents in College Park, Maryland wants potential clients to know how to work through lawsuits for Metro accidents.

Working through a Lawsuit for Metro Accidents

Anything could lead to a person being injured in a Metro accident, such as a sudden stop of the train or bus, overcrowding of the public transit, or mechanical failure. Whenever these things happen, a person who is injured should consult with an attorney immediately to see if a personal injury lawsuit is possible. For most personal injury cases, the injured person has three years from the accident to sue in a Maryland civil court. If the accident happened because of a Metro bus or train, the person has to file a formal claim within one year.

More about a Lawsuit for Metro Accidents

Maryland follows a strict rule regarding fault in an accident, which is known as contributory negligence. This means that if the injured party is guilty even of one percent for the accident that happened, the courts will award no damages in the lawsuit and they will leave the injured party holding the medical bills. It is imperative for the injured party to hire a good lawyer or law firm with experience in Metro accident cases.

A Law Firm for Metro Accidents in Maryland

Injured parties in a Metro accident who live in Maryland can browse the Internet or look through the local Yellow Pages to find a good lawyer for a lawsuit. The Jaklitsch Law Group is a law firm in College Park, Maryland that represents clients injured in a Metro accident. If a person wants a law firm for Metro Accidents in College Park, Maryland, the law firm is available and offers more information on its website.