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How a NY Bedsore Attorney in Suffolk Can Help Victims File a Claim in Court

When a patient becomes immobile and unable to turn themselves when in bed, they are dependent on their caregivers to turn them regularly throughout the night. Not doing this can result in pressure areas on those bony prominences that can be felt at the hips, shoulders and other areas. This pressure cuts off the supply of oxygen-rich blood to those spots. Eventually, those spots can turn into bedsores.

Why Are Some Patients Able to Sue Caregivers for Bedsores?

If a patient who doesn’t move enough on their own is left lying in the same spot for hours on end, their skin will begin to break down due to the pressure and the lack of oxygen-rich blood to those pressure areas. Once started, a simple skin surface bedsore can become deeper going further into the inner skin layers and eventually down into the underlying muscle, fascia and straight to the bone. A NY bedsore attorney in Suffolk can help victims file a negligence claim against the caregiver in court.

Aren’t Older People Frail With Delicate Skin That Tears Easily?

Some seniors with complicated health problems can develop exceptionally delicate and frail skin. This sets them up for skin tears, bruises and bedsores if they are not turned often and cared for properly. To learn if someone with a bedsore is eligible for compensation, set up a consultation appointment with a seasoned NY bedsore attorney from Suffolk.

Finding a NY Bedsore Attorney

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