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How a Veterans Benefits Attorney Can Help You If You’ve Been Denied

If you are a veteran who’s suffering from an illness or injury resulting from your military service and have been denied benefits to cover you financially, a veteran’s benefits attorney in Alabama or another state in which you reside can assist you. This attorney will work hard to have your denial overturned so that you can start receiving the compensation that you deserve. Here are a few specific ways that a veteran’s benefits attorney can help you.

Application Assistance

If needed, your attorney can help you file the application to challenge your denial. This can save you from submitting an erroneous application that might result in another denial. Your legal representative will also be available to answer any questions that you may have about the application, so you know you’re completing the application properly and providing any needed documentation.

Law and Regulation Information

Your chosen attorney can provide detailed information on the laws and regulations for your state that are known to change frequently. Understanding these laws and regulations better will make filing your appeal easier and allow you to make smarter decisions on how to proceed with your case.

Request for Important Documents

All of the important documents that could be used as evidence to support your claim can be requested by your lawyer. These documents include medical and service records as well as any other forms that verify your time in the service, along with the physical or mental problems that you sustained.

Get Statements from Friends and Family

Statements from friends and family members can sometimes be used to prove how performing military service either resulted in or worsened a physical or mental condition. Other service members who served with you can also provide statements to support your claim.

Hiring a veteran’s benefits attorney in Alabama or your state of residence can help you in many ways. For more information, you can contact Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices and review their website to get more information about what a veteran’s benefits attorney can do for you and your family.