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How Clients Can Undermine Auto Accident Lawyers

Unfortunately, what drivers do immediately after an accident in Tampa and before they contact their attorney can have a very big impact on future settlement. While no one plans to be an in an accident, it is still a good idea to review what to do and what not to do immediately after the accident and in the days following the accident.

Ideally, plan to meet with auto accident lawyers as quickly as possible after the accident. This will be critical if there are serious injuries or death that occurred as a result of the accident. Additionally, when there is significant property damage to vehicles or other property, having lawyers involved as early as possible will be essential.

Here are some times from experienced auto accident lawyers about what you should not do after the accident and in the days that follow. Keep a checklist of what to do in your glove box or on your phone, but don’t forget about these common errors to avoid.

Don’t Leave

It’s important not to leave the scene of the accident before you’ve called 911 and the police have arrived. Often when there are no injuries, people assume they can leave and don’t need a police report. This can result in legal charges for leaving the scene. It can also limit your ability to get your statement on the record as to how the accident occurred.

Compose Your Emotions

Yelling at or blaming other drivers and coming across as aggressive or belligerent, even if you were not at fault, is not going to help your case. Stay calm and avoid the other drivers if you feel they may be angry or hostile. Wait for the police and speak to the officer in a calm, factual manner.

Don’t Admit Fault

Admitting fault is one mistake that can hamper your auto accident lawyer in their case. It is important to tell the truth about how the accident occurred to the police officer, but avoid saying the accident was your fault.

Instead, just be factual and don’t evaluate your case. This is particularly important with other drivers or those involved in the accident. It is fine to ask if they are alright or need medical attention, but don’t try to assess fault or admit to fault as this will be used against you later in a later settlement.