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If You’ve Been Injured, Review Your Legal Options With Personal Injury Attorneys In Bellingham, WA

There are certain elements that Personal Injury Attorneys in Bellingham WA look for when evaluating a personal injury case. Even though the majority of personal injury claims never go to trial, successful litigation or a fair settlement necessitates that these elements be present.


There are two types of accidents. Sometimes an accident is just an accident. It happened, and it’s terrible, but no one is to blame.

The other type of accident can be much harder for the accident victim or survivor to live with. Everything that happened, all of the trauma, pain, and heartache, was caused by another negligence and completely unnecessary.

* Someone was negligent and didn’t do their job as they should have or didn’t behave as they should have.

* Perhaps they took an extra drink before driving home or didn’t bother to fill in that hole in the parking lot after being notified of the potential danger.

* The truck’s brakes might have failed because the brakes were defective, because the truck was poorly maintained or both.

* There are infinite possibilities.

Determining whose negligence is responsible for causing the injury or the accident that resulted in the injury is critical. More than one party may have contributed to the incident.


After liability has been established, it’s necessary to define and quantify the actual losses resulting from the injury. They must be sufficiently significant to warrant the time and effort of all involved. For example, if the victim had bruises that would be completely healed in a short time, this would not justify pursuing a claim. However, when the injury is serious, impacting the victim’s daily activities or employment, then a claim is absolutely the correct action to take.

Financial Considerations

It’s impossible to undo the injuries. The only way that an injured person can be “made whole” is with money and they deserve compensation for their losses. If there is no possibility that the victim will ever see a dime, then it’s not practical to pursue it. However, it’s a mistake to make to quick a judgment on this matter. The Investigation is often necessary before a final decision is made.

If you have been injured and believe that another negligence could be responsible, contact The Law Offices of Michael K. Tasker for a free consultation. These Personal Injury Attorneys in Bellingham WA have the experience in and out of the courtroom that your claim deserves.