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Obtaining Visitation with the Help of a Family Attorney in Temecula

Visitation is often a source of contention when a couple decides to split, and children are involved. Each parent needs to maintain a good relationship with their child or children, and this involves seeing each other on a regular basis. However, when couples split, there are often a lot of animosities that get in the way of visitation. For this reason, each parent should retain a family attorney in Temecula to ensure their rights are protected, and that they receive access to their child or children.

The amount of visitation awarded varies by case. In many situations, it is determined by the amount of time each parent spent with the child before the divorce, although this does appear to be changing to some extent. As more women work outside the home and dads take over the child rearing, more fathers are being awarded custody, and the mother gets visitation.

Furthermore, as both parents often work outside the home, the visitation may be more liberal due to the increased presence of both parents in the child’s life. There are exceptions to this, however, and each parent needs to understand these exceptions. When there is a history of domestic violence or allegations of this crime, a parent may only be allowed to see the child or children with supervision. In the event the charges are proven unfounded, the parent will then be allowed to see their child or children without monitoring. This will be determined by the court and other authorities involved in the case, but parents need to be aware of this.

In addition, if both parents are accused of hurting the child or children, children may be removed to a safe third-party’s home until it is determined who should obtain custody. Therefore, this charge should never be made lightly. To learn more, visit the website of the Law Office of Michelle Penna, family attorney in Temecula.

Ms. Penna has more than 20 years of experience helping people solve their family law matters and can be of assistance in obtaining a legal separation, spousal support, child custody and more. No person should have to go through this difficult process alone, but many feel they are, as they lose a major part of their support system following the breakup of a relationship. Ms. Penna is there to assist clients at every stage of the process, so this is never the case. Visit online for more information.