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Information That a Rental Agreement Attorney in Martinsburg, WV Should Include in Agreements

A rental agreement is necessary if you’re renting out property, whether it is a house or a room out of your home. An attorney can draw up an agreement that protects your rights and the tenant’s rights. Some of the information to include in a rental agreement is listed below.

Names of All Occupants

A good rental agreement should have the names of every adult living on the premises and the number of children who live there. Every adult should also sign the rental agreement as well. The maximum number of occupants should be noted on it too. Before you start renting property, you should have a rental agreement attorney in Martinsburg, WV create an agreement for you to have tenants sign.

Type of Agreement

The document should specify if it is a rental agreement or a fixed-term lease. A rental agreement is usually a month-to-month agreement but a fixed-term lease usually lasts for a full year. A rental agreement attorney should make sure that the contract specifies what type of agreement is being made between the tenant and landlord.

Financial Terms

A rental agreement attorney needs to make sure that the document that his or her office creates for a landlord clearly states the rent amount, when it is due, and how it should be paid. Also, it should outline the amount of the deposit and any fees that could be charged, such as cleaning the property after the tenant moves out. An agreement should also clarify when and how the deposit will be returned and what deductions may be taken from it.

If you plan to lease property or rent out a room in your house, you need to protect yourself with a formal rental agreement. Contact an attorney who can help you by going to website domain to get more information or make an appointment for a consultation.

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