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Insight from a Product Liability Attorney in Beaver Dam WI

When a product harms a consumer, they can file a product liability claim to seek damages. The only way a claim can move forward is if the consumer good in question comes with a certain expectation of safety. When that expectation isn’t met, the seller, distributor, and manufacturer could be liable for injuries sustained through its use. A Product Liability Attorney in Beaver Dam WI offers some insight about product liability.

Who is Able to File?

In order to file a product liability claim, the product involved must have been available in the marketplace. The injured party doesn’t have to be the person that purchased the item to receive compensation for their injuries. They are also eligible if they borrowed the item or received it as a gift. Any person injured by a defective product can pursue a claim if the item was distributed and sold.

Who is Held Responsible?

The person that is injured by a defective product can file one or more of the following product liability claims.

Manufacturing Defect: Understand how well the product was designed, the manufacturing process made it unsafe. An example of this would be something that was assembled using the incorrect types of screws, bolts or fasteners. This causes the product to be more dangerous than consumers expected it to be.

Design Defect: In this category, the design of the product was inherently dangerous. This applies to the design of the packaging also. An example of this could be the lid to detergent that was supposed to be childproof.

Lack of Warning Labels: In this type of claim, it states that the product didn’t come with proper instructions or warning labels applying to safe use and operation. This can also apply in situations where a product has been designed and manufactured properly but it has been determined that it is harmful if used correctly or not.

No matter what type of claim it is, the injured party must prove that their injuries were caused by a manufacturing or design flaw or of inadequate warning or instructions.

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