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Key Reasons to Hire Social Security Lawyers in Washington, PA

Once you become disabled and are no longer able to work for a living, social security benefits may provide the financial help and support you need moving forward. The SSA provides assistance to qualified people who demonstrate they meet their definition of being disabled, a process that is complex and long-winded. The many forms detailing medical reports, prior employment records, and other information are difficult to stay on top of and frustrating, to say the least. Social security lawyers will not only help you work through the mess but also ensure you always receive the best benefits available to you.

Many Applications Are Initially Denied

Between 2001 to 2010, more than 50% of disability claims were denied, according to the SSA. The percentage of applicants awarded with benefits at the initial claims level only averages about 28%, and 3% of applicants were awarded at reconsideration level, which comes after initial denial. Of the rest, 13% received SSD benefits after an appeals hearing.

Qualified social security lawyers in Washington, PA are necessary for all of these situations, as they increase your chances of being approved initially through their ability to ensure your application is complete, accurate and in the correct format. Firms such as PORTA-CLARK & WARD are exactly what you should look for in a social security disability law firm. Any social security attorney from such a reputable firm will surely help you get the benefits you sorely need.

Most Denials Are for Technical Reasons

In 2010, 31 percent of SSD applications were rejected simply due to a technical issue that might get in the way before medical facts are even considered in your case. The right social security lawyers will ensure you avoid a claim denial based on a technicality and keep your chances of getting useful and adequate benefits high. You deserve the chance to live comfortably after becoming disabled, and they can help make that a reality.

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