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by | Dec 17, 2018 | Personal Injury

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In Maryland, dog attacks are often caused by the failure of the owner to control the animal. City ordinances require dog owners to use leashes whenever the dog is outside. Some laws may also require the owner to place the dogs inside an enclosed area to prevent the dog from running freely around the neighborhood. Local personal injury attorneys in Harford County, MD can help victims of dog attacks.

Reporting the Attack

The first step for a victim of a dog attack is to report it to the animal control officer. The county animal control officer will investigate the attack and determine if the animal was vaccinated for rabies. The owner is also notified of the attack and could be required to send the dog to a vet for a quarantine period.

Seeking Medical Attention

Next, the victim must acquire medical attention to document all injuries sustained during the dog attack. The doctor will create records for the victim to use if they need to file a legal claim. The records must show that the injuries were caused by a dog bite.

Strict Liabilities Against Pet Owners

Strict liabilities apply if the dog has a previous history of attacks. The animal control officer will conduct a search to determine if the animal was involved in other attacks. A previous history of attacks indicates that the owner was aware of a dangerous temperament. In a dog attack case, the victim could receive full coverage for their medical expenses along with certain tort-based awards for the failure to protect the victim from a dangerous animal.

Filing a Legal Claim

The legal claim is filed against the dog owner to collect compensation for all financial losses connected to the dog attack. Any additional tort-based claims, such as pain and suffering, are included in the claim. The medical records are used to support the claim and show the judge how the victim was injured and how the injuries affected their life.

In Maryland, dog attacks are often the result of the pet owner’s failure to restrain them. The events could lead to serious injuries and fatalities in some circumstances. Victims of the attacks should contact personal injury attorneys in Harford County, MD or visit¬† right now.

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