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Managing Child Custody and Support with a Family Law Attorney in Lee’s Summit, MO

In Missouri, child custody and support are managed in divorce cases initially. The divorce agreement shows the requirements of each parent when supporting the child. The parents must come up with a plan that provides each party with adequate time with the child. A family law attorney in Lee’s Summit, MO could explain legalities associated with custody and support.

Setting Up a Child Custody Arrangement

The parents must come to an agreement for child custody, or the court schedules a child custody hearing. The judge makes a determination if a child custody hearing is required. The options are sole or joint custody. The arrangement defines where the child lives and how much time they will spend with each parent.

Calculating Child Support Requirements

Missouri requires the noncustodial parent to provide 25% of their gross adjusted income in child support payments. Another 5% is added for each additional child. When calculating child support, the combination of child support and spousal support cannot exceed 60% of the person’s total income if the noncustodial parent is enlisted in the military.

Addressing Additional Health Requirements

Additional health requirements for children are split between the parents. The health requirements are not deducted from the child support payments. The parents must come up with a plan in the divorce agreement that offers adequate funds to cover ongoing health needs. In a divorce trial, the judge may establish a payment plan for each parent.

Tuition for Private Schools and College

The cost of tuition for private schools or college is divided among the parents as well. The divorce agreement defines terms for each parent. The requirements could be determined according to the parent’s earning capacity. The judge may order the parents to set up a college fund for the child according to their age at the time of the divorce.

In Missouri, child custody and support are issues that are settled in the family court. The parents must make choices about child support that offers an effective plan for raising the child. The arrangements must address time with the child during holidays and birthdays as well. Parents who have questions about child custody and support should contact a family law attorney in Lee’s Summit, MO at Dana Outlaw Law Office right now. You can also visit them on Facebook.