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Needing A Divorce Attorney In Henderson, NV

Nevada is a community property state, and that complicates things during a divorce. Owning a home prior to a marriage does not mean the house is yours. Consult with a Divorce Attorney in Henderson NV about serious matters like property division and child custody. These issues will come up during the case management conference.

The Case Management Conference

The parties attend this conference after a divorce is filed. It lets everyone lay their cards on the table. The court finds out whether the case has to be litigated. Further, each party files a financial affidavit prior to the conference. Therefore, the judge has a clear financial picture of the parties. Additionally, the judge orders parties with minor children to set a date for mediation. The parties must try and come up with a parenting plan.

Judges try to resolve divorces within a year. In fact, the parties may request mediation at the conference. Some couples are able to work out an agreement and have a final hearing at this time. If not, the judge issues a temporary order relating to custody and other matters. Sometimes, the judge hears arguments from the Divorce Attorney in Henderson NV at the conference. This occurs if there’s an urgent matter that needs immediate resolution.


Mediation is helpful in most instances. Attorneys let the clients know that judges are likely to divide assets. The court doesn’t look at the name in which an asset is held. The important thing is the contribution made towards the asset. For instance, most couples pay for a house out of a joint account. Further, the house generally appreciates in value during the marriage. The judge is likely to order the house sold and the proceeds split equally.

Child Custody

Nevada courts think joint custody is in the best interests of the children. Further, the court may consider the wishes of older children. Joint custody allows parents to work together to raise the children. Parents may choose to have the kids live with both parties an equal amount of time. On the other hand, they may have a primary residence with one parent. For more information, contact Pintar Albiston LLP. You can also follow them on Twitter.