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Never Talk Before Contacting a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Jefferson County, MO

The first statement in a Miranda warning is the right to remain silent, yet many people don’t understand quite what this means. It is stated to ensure that anyone who is arrested understands their rights before they speak with a criminal defense lawyer in Jefferson County, MO. A defendant must be careful to avoid inadvertently saying something that could jeopardize their case. There are a few things that anyone should know if they’re arrested about their right to remain silent.

Some Questions Must Be Answered

There are some basic questions that do not fall under the right to be silent. An arrested person must provide identifying information such as their name to the arresting officer. If they are pulled over while driving and have a legally concealed weapon, it’s a good idea to let the officer know about it and let them know where it’s located. The person should also let the officer know that they do not consent to a search and that they’d like to speak with a lawyer before saying anything further so the officer understands they’re invoking their rights.

Do Not Talk About the Situation

Before, during and after the arrest, the defendant should avoid talking about the situation with anyone. While they’re in jail, anything that is overheard while they’re talking to another person can be used against them. Likewise, when they’re home, anything they say to friends and family members could be used against them if their friends or family members are questioned by the police.

Avoid Talking Because of Nerves

Many people talk a lot when they’re nervous. While they might intend to simply talk about the weather or something else that has nothing to do with the situation, they could end up talking about something relevant without realizing it. Those who tend to start talking when they’re nervous will want to be extra careful to ensure they do not say anything at all before talking with an attorney.

If you’ve been arrested, remember you have the right to remain silent and to speak with a criminal defense lawyer in Jefferson County, MO before answering any questions. Visit the website for the Wegmann Law Firm today to find a lawyer who can help as you move forward with the charges you’re facing. Follow us on Twitter.