Need to Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer, Find One in Buena Park

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Lawyers

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Regardless of the number of employees, an employer in Buena Park must have workers comp insurance. This insurance covered medical expenses and lost income for employees injured while on the job. It is rarely a problem to get benefits if the injury is minor and you lose little time from work. This is not always the case, however, when the injuries are severe. Under these circumstances, it can be extremely difficult and complicated to request and collect benefits. Workers who do sustain serious injury should immediately seek guidance from a workers compensation lawyer in Buena Park.

Evaluate the Claim

A lawyer who deals with work injuries can provide an initial case review and evaluation. During the initial consultation, the lawyer will discuss the details of your case and determine the best possible outcome. After reviewing the facts, and the supporting evidence, the lawyer will determine what the case is worth and explain the complexities of reaching an agreeable settlement.

Filing a Claim

If it is felt that you have a strong case, a lawyer will begin collecting supporting evidence immediately. A seasoned workers comp lawyer can help move the case along by taking definitive steps, including:

   * Get an independent medical evaluation
   * Give the employer notice about the extent of the injury
   * Collect evidence from the scene, gather eyewitness accounts and collect medical records

These initial steps are very important. Without taking them, your case will only be weakened.

Third Party Liability

If a third party caused the injury at work, you could file a claim for additional damages against the party deemed responsible. This often happens on construction sites where there are many people working for different contractors, all at the same time. If a painter, for example, is injured because a scaffold collapsed, the injured painter can sue the scaffolding contractor for negligence.

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