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Personal Injury Lawyers in Pittsburgh PA Represent Clients Suffering From Hearing Loss or Tinnitus

The most common cases handled by Personal Injury Lawyers in Pittsburgh PA tend to involve slip-and-fall incidents and car collision that cause fractures and injury to skin, organs, and muscles. Less commonly, these attorneys are asked to represent a client who is suffering from hearing loss or tinnitus because of an accident that happened due to someone else’s negligence.

Vehicle Accidents

Traumatic impacts and abrupt jolts to the ear can cause these problems. In a car accident, this might be caused by airbag deployment, whiplash or a head injury. In a motorcycle accident, the person’s head may hit the pavement. Even when protected by a helmet, the impact can be severe.

Slip-and-Fall Incidents

This kind of injury can happen in a slip-and-fall accident too. Sometimes the person’s head strikes the floor or pavement due to the sudden loss of control. A traumatic brain injury may result. Even if this does not happen, the impact can seriously injure the inner ear.


Hearing loss may be noticeable, and the previous level of hearing may never be recovered. Tinnitus, which has the symptom of hearing ringing or other bothersome sounds without an outside source, may clear up eventually or may be permanent. The noises interfere with normal hearing and also tend to be very troubling.

How Attorneys Help

Attorneys with a firm such as the Law Offices Of Hall & Copetas must prove that the hearing issues occurred solely because of this accident. The person must not have any prior record of hearing problems or winning the case will be difficult. Physician testimony will be crucial in this type of case.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Pittsburgh PA work to gain reasonable financial compensation for these clients. Compensation should pay for all medical expenses, including those expected in the future that relate to the accident. That estimate is provided by a physician. It should pay for lost wages during recovery and job retraining if the person no longer can continue the previous employment. Hearing aids and devices that mask tinnitus sounds should be covered in the settlement. A demand may be made for compensation for the intangible aspect of reduced quality of life.