Protect Your Rights With a Work Injury Lawyer in Minot ND

by | May 19, 2020 | Lawyers

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The state of Minot ND, just as all states in the Union, protects injured workers so they can receive the benefits they deserve. When a worker is injured, they have the right to file a worker’s compensation claim. When problems begin to arise, an injured worker can seek help from a Work Injury Lawyer in Minot ND.

How to Get Started on a Worker’s Comp Claim

When a worker is injured on the job, it is their responsibility to report the injury to their employer. This must be done in a timely manner, or it could result in problems being able to pursue compensation benefits. The claim’s process cannot begin until the worker has informed their employer.

The employer is responsible for informing their insurance company so the claim’s process can begin. The insurance company has two weeks to respond to the claim and make a decision on whether or not they will pay.

Deserving Workers are Sometimes Denied

Sometimes, an injured worker is denied their claim. When this happens, it can be beneficial for the injured worker to meet with the Work Injury Lawyer in Minot ND. Meeting with an injury lawyer will allow a victim to learn about their rights and the viability of their claim. To know more, click here.

Although an injured worker cannot sue their employer, they do have the right to appeal a worker’s compensation denial. An appeal needs to be filed with the Minot ND Department of Labor, and then a hearing can take place.

It is beneficial for a worker to hire a lawyer to help them with the appeal’s process. An injured worker needs to have an advocate working to protect their rights as they go through the process. It can be intimidating facing the insurance company alone.

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The Minot ND Worker’s Compensation Laws were put into place to help injured workers receive the medical and wage replacement benefits they deserve. There is no reason an injured worker should have to fight their claim alone.

If you are being given the runaround with your worker’s compensation claim, now is your chance to get legal help. Contact The Law Office of Pagel Weikum Attorneys at Law and ask them to schedule your consultation.