The Roles of a Real Property Lawyer

by | May 21, 2020 | Lawyers

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Legal proceedings are not easy especially to those people that are unfamiliar with the law. So if for instance you want to sell your property and have no idea how to go about it, hiring a Real Property lawyer in Clevaland TN will be your best bet. The attorney will help with the entire legal process that you will have to go through when selling your property. They will basically offer you the legal support that you need so that you do not fall in the hands of swindlers.

However, ensure that you hire an experienced legal representative to avoid losing your hard-earned money through legal processes that were not done right and now have presented you many problems. To get a competent one, ask friends, neighbors or even family members who have used their services before. If asking around didn’t help, you can search online.

What are the roles of property seller’s attorney?

There are many roles played by these professionals, and they include:
1. Drafting and reviewing a sales contract

2. Ensuring that the documents, and everything else about the property are precisely included in the sales

3. Revising mortgage information to ensure that they are correct

4. Revising tax bills associated with the property on sale

5. Adjusting dates for condominium costs, utility costs and municipality bills

6. Calculating the amount of due refunds

7. Drafting transfer deeds

Documents that an attorney will require from the seller?
1. Previous year’s property utility bills

2. Mortgage details

3. Most recent tax bills issued in your estate

4. Necessary documents from the time the property was bought

5. Any other document that can help to determine that you are the real owner

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