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Questions About Worker’s Compensation Answered By An Employee Benefits Lawyer

In Louisiana, legislation protects all workers who sustain injuries while performing job duties. The state protects the worker’s right to medical payments and monetary benefits. The Office of Worker’s Compensation Administration regulates these laws. The following is a list of questions about worker’s compensation answered by an Employee Benefits Lawyer.

What Does Worker’s Compensation Provide?

In addition to the obvious medical care and monetary benefits, the insurance provides other vital benefits. If the worker dies as a result of their injuries, the policy provides death benefits to their minor children and spouse. Injured workers also gain access to vocational rehabilitation services. The service helps the worker gain access to educational programs to train them for other careers.

What Does the Office of Worker’s Compensation Administration Do?

The agency enforces regulations outlined in the Louisiana Worker’s Compensation Act. They review cases in which the employee claims fraud, a failure to provide medical benefits, and dispute resolution. They have the primary jurisdiction over all worker’s comp cases in the state.

Are Workers Restricted to Certain Doctors Only?

No, the employee retains the right to choose their own doctor. Under the Worker’s Compensation Act, employers cannot force workers to use their chosen doctor. They cannot interfere with the doctor’s chosen treatment strategy. They must provide medical coverage for these treatments. This requirement is regulated under the legislation.

However, if a legal dispute emerges, the OWCA has the right to start an independent medical examination. They choose the doctor to confirm the original doctor’s diagnosis. The employer must pay the expense of this additional assessment.

What are the Time Limits for Claims?

The initial claim deadline is one year following the accident. The assessment period for the claim can be extended to three years if the employer has remitted payment for medical care. Any claim for monetary benefits must be filed within the first year.

In Louisiana, the Office of Worker’s Compensation Administration enforces laws that apply to worker injuries. The agency prevents an employee from denying claims due to fraud. They also settle legal disputes. Workers who need an Employee Benefits Lawyer visit or their Google+ page today.