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What Steps are Taken When Someone Hires an Auto Accidents Attorney in Glendale AZ?

Dealing with the aftermath of a serious auto accident can be intimidating for victims. Often, serious injuries are left behind that can take weeks, months, or even a lifetime to recover from. Those who become seriously injured often have many questions they cannot seem to get adequate answers for. Victims need to know who they can hold responsible for their injuries and damages and how they can receive the fair compensation they deserve. With this information, victims can know what steps will be taken when they hire an Auto Accidents Attorney in Glendale AZ.

Once a victim meets with the Auto Accidents Attorney in Glendale AZ, the attorney immediately goes to work on pursuing the claim with the insurance company. They will review police reports, talk with the officers that were at the scene and interview doctors. Their goal is to gather as much information as possible so they can negotiate with the insurance company for a fair settlement amount for their client.

The negotiation process is typically the longest part of pursuing an auto accident injury claim. Insurance companies are sometimes unfair in the approaches they use to deny claims or offer lower settlements that are unfair. When working with an attorney, the insurance company has to directly deal with them instead of the victim. The attorney reviews all forms of communication and any documents that must be signed by the victim.

In cases where the insurance company is dragging their feet, denying a claim, or offering too low of a settlement, the attorney will often file a complaint in court. Sometimes, it takes an aggressive action to let an insurance company know an attorney is serious about pursuing a proper settlement. In some cases, this prompts them to change their approach so they can avoid court.

Whether the claim is settled in the negotiation process or in court, an attorney will work to protect their client’s rights throughout the process. Victims who are in need of legal help can receive the assistance they need when they call and schedule an appointment with the Garrison Law Firm.