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Some of the Criteria Required by a Bail Bond Professional in Upper Marlboro, MD

As with court judges who set bail amounts for specific defendants, a bail bond professional in Upper Marlboro, MD has some criteria that must be met before this service is provided. Sometimes the defendant is arranging for the bond, but often, it’s a relative or close friend doing so since the defendant is behind bars until cash bail or a bond is provided to the court.

Reputable References

A Bail Bond Professional in Upper Marlboro, MD may request reputable references from the man or woman applying for the service. These individuals will not be responsible for paying the full cash bail if the defendant skips town, but their names on the application will help verify the stability and good reputation of the applicant. They should be informed beforehand that their names and phone numbers are being listed on a bail bond application, as they may receive a phone call.

Service Fee

The standard fee for a bail bond is 10% of the cash bail amount. Unlike cash bail, the service fee is not refunded even if the person appears at all scheduled court dates. The point of the bond is to allow the defendant’s release from jail with a significantly lower amount of money. It may be possible for this person to pay $1,000 for a bond but impossible to pay $10,000 in bail, even though that money would be refunded.

Payment Arrangements and Cosigners

If the service fee cannot be paid all at once, the agency may allow a payment arrangement. The criteria for this may include proof of income and employment. If the defendant has arranged for the bond, the agency may want a cosigner who agrees to make the rest of the payments if the customer defaults.

Time Frame

Once a surety bond has been posted by a company such as Pantazes Bail Bonds Agency Inc, release from jail is usually made within six or seven hours. The time frame depends on the specific jail. Sometimes the process is much faster. It often depends on how many staff members are working and whether a large number of individuals are scheduled for release.