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Starting A Paternity Case With An Attorney In Milwaukee, WI

In Wisconsin, men who suspect that they are the biological father of a child have a legal right to take action. Whether it is the discovery of a pregnancy or a state notice related to child support, these men have a right to find out if the child is theirs. The following reflects all the details related to these cases that are started through an attorney in Milwaukee WI.

File a Motion to Secure DNA Evidence

The first step is to file a motion to secure DNA evidence. In most cases, it is less likely that the mother will agree to provide DNA evidence for a paternity suit. This refusal could be due to the fact that the man isn’t the child’s father or that it prevents him from gaining parental rights.

Identify Any Requests for State-Based Child Support

At any time that a woman seeks state-based child support, she is required to provide the name of the child’s biological father. The reason for this information is to acquire repayment of these funds from the child’s father. In a paternity case, it is necessary to determine if the mother has received these funds in the identified man’s name.

File a Motion to Know the Child

Once paternity is established, the father can file a motion to know the child. This gives them temporary visitations to establish a relationship with the child. If granted, the father can spend this duration determining his next step.

Seek Custody or Visitation

Any man who has established parental rights can file a motion to seek regular visitation with their child. They can also seek custody if the mother is unfit to raise the child. If they seek custody, they must provide evidence to support the claim that the mother isn’t fit to care for the child.

In Wisconsin, men who believe a child is biologically theirs have the right to establish paternity. If they establish that they are the biological father of the child, they can seek further action. Men who wish to establish paternity need to contact an Attorney in Milwaukee WI for more information or schedule an appointment with their preferred law firm.