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Tackling the Stumbling Blocks Insurance Companies Make for Injury Cases with Personal Injury Attorneys in Saint Paul

Dog bite injuries can be very serious. When a dog attacks under conditions where the owner failed to contain it on the property, a valid dog bite personal injury case can be worked. Dog bites could cause deep lacerations, disfigurement, and sometimes even be fatal. Multiple surgeries and a long recovery can follow. Personal injury attorneys in Saint Paul represent the injured and work tirelessly to secure a settlement with maximum compensation. A dog bite, even without serious injuries, should be reported right away. Small dog bites can cause infection and scarring, so the size of the bite is not a determining factor for a personal injury case.

Some people have “Beware of Dog” signs in their yard. It does not countervail liability in most circumstances. For example, if a dog breaks free from the confines of the property to attack someone walking by on the sidewalk, the owner is definitely liable. A sign to warn that a dog is near makes no difference. On the other hand, when someone trespasses on a property and gets bitten, the dog owner is not responsible. Dog bite settlements typically cover lost wages, medical bills, funds for reconstructive surgery, and pain and suffering. Click here for more details about the personal injury attorneys in Saint Paul.

Most home insurance policies provide coverage for dog bites. The insurance company is supposed to investigate the facts and then work with the victim virtuously. Unfortunately, insurance agents aren’t always honest. They try to make it seem they are working in the best interest of the victim. The primary goal of most insurance companies is to exclude as much as they can from benefits. When they are able to negotiate with the victim directly, they often succeed in offering a settlement that doesn’t align with the true costs of damages. It’s too late to change the terms of a settlement after a plaintiff accepts the proposal. More often than not, personal injury victims learn they accepted an offer worth much less than what they should have had. Working cases under the direction of personal injury attorneys in Saint Paul guarantees a mistake like that won’t happen. Visit Website to learn how to get started.