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The Advantages of Hiring Auto Accident Lawyers That Work on Contingency

People may worry that contingency fees for personal injury attorneys might be unreasonable, since it’s standard for these attorneys to request one-third of the settlement or court award they obtain for their clients. There are considerable advantages for injured persons in the contingency fee arrangement, however. One of the most important is that they can afford to hire auto accident lawyers to provide legal representation without paying any money up front. In fact, the lawyer may work a substantial number of hours on the case and months can go by before the case is resolved, all before this attorney receives any payment whatsoever.

Auto accident lawyers who work on a contingency basis do not receive any payment if they do not obtain compensation for the client. That ensures clients that these attorneys work very hard to acquire an excellent outcome. It also reassures them that they have a good case to begin with. Injury attorneys generally only accept cases they are almost certain they can win; otherwise, they won’t receive any payment.

It’s an entirely different scenario from most areas of the law, in which clients have to pay fees to the law firm even if they did not get the results they hoped for. Usually they must provide a retainer fee when the lawyer begins providing service, and make regular payments after that for hourly or monthly fees. Falling behind on payments means risking losing their professional legal representation. This can be an exceptional hardship for an injured person dealing with loss of income due to the accident.

To learn more about how contingency fees work, a person who was seriously injured in an accident and is seeking legal representation may contact a lawyer such as Duane E. Thomas. This type of lawyer takes calls at all hours of the day, any day of the week, and will even visit prospective clients at home. Seriously injured people may not be able to travel to a law office, but they still may want to speak with a lawyer about their situation. The website has more information about this particular attorney, along with contact details.

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