The Flaws of Court-Appointed Lawyers and Why Clients Need the Care of the Wegmann Law Firm

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Lawyers

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Courts are backed up. Bottlenecks happen. The system is clogged beyond reason, and it may take decades to implement systems to better serve the American people, particularly when it comes to selecting court-appointed representation. In the court-ordered system, things are always a little behind.

This all makes the team like Wegmann Law Firm such an outlier in local representation. What is bad about court-appointed representation? Below is an overlook of what a client needs and how they can review a court-ordered lawyer.

The basic conceit stems from the need for representation. It’s the classic statement, “if a lawyer can’t be afforded, we will find appoint one for you.” Every American deserves representation. Unfortunately, the court-ordered representation is tied up in a number of ways.

Court-Appointed Representation is Overburdened

For one, these professionals are overburdened. Statistically, it is often shown that court-appointed lawyers are overworked. There are studies to show that the court lawyers have inferior success or victory rates compared to retained lawyers. Considering they often handle three to four cases at any given time, with upwards of 20 cases a week, it is hardly a shock. These professionals are hired by the government and are often paid additional per case they can clear.

The Urgency of Moving On

There is both an urgency to closing the case as well as an incentive to end the case. This may happen regardless of the position of the client or the odds in their case. This does not always allow the nuances of the case to take hold as it would with Wegmann Law Firm. The team can review the case in detail and apply time-saving techniques to build the details of the argument.

It is unfair to speak of the overall quality of these professionals, as some of them are exceptional at their job. But, there is a distinctive detriment to working with a court-ordered lawyer who almost certainly is handling too much work.

Contact Wegmann Law Firm for information on how to handle these matters. Do not let it fall to chance. Do not allow a court-appointed lawyer come in and help settle with the courts. Many court-appointed lawyers manage multiple cases at a time and have little ability to dedicate the proper time to the situation.