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The Three-Strike Rule: How Finding the Right Criminal Attorney in Rochester MN May Mean Taking a Look at the Story

Americans may face a tragic scenario. They may want to find justice and resolution in the aftermath of the situation. Yet, they can’t find it. They may not find it through the courts. The fact of the matter is that not all cases are strong and viable. Sometimes, individuals need to explore all their outlets.

Many attorneys consider a three-strike rule. The basic idea is as follows. If a potential client speaks with three reputable attorneys and they earn three rejections (not picking up the case), the case may not work. An attorney will not often want to tarnish their name by taking on a case they do not feel good about. Despite popular belief, attorneys don’t want payment from potential clients only to drive a broken case right off the cliff. If three rejections occur, a client may need to reassess where their case is going and if it fault and intent can be proven. Clients will need to take a good hard look at the story to find if they can confirm it with evidence. The Criminal Attorney in Rochester MN will look honesty at that evidence.

Now, to be clear, this does not mean one should give up after getting three “rejections.” For one, they need to consider who they talked to. Only reputable and seasoned attorneys should be considered. Also, find a Criminal Attorney in Rochester MN who is advertising their services in the particular legal niche. Furthermore, find attorneys with local connections and longevity in the community.

Importantly, look at the case. Is the right path being followed? Is there something missing? If three rejections occur, there has to be a reason. They reason may have to do with the overall progression of the case. Something is not adding up, and that something may offer some much-needed clarity.

Speak with the group at Rolsch Law Offices for an honest, straightforward, and fair assessment of your case. The group will review everything fairly and given it the proper time and consideration the case needs. Perhaps most importantly, the group will not move forward if a case is not strong. Though this may seem like a bad thing, it may inevitably save a potential client years and thousands in a situation that may end up unfavorable for them