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What to Look for in an Attorney Practicing Personal Injury in Tacoma WA

Pedestrian auto accident victims have a lot to deal with after the event. Pedestrian-involved accidents are very serious and the injuries are both life threatening and costly to treat. It may be one of the hardest times in a person’s life, but with the help of an attorney, the victim can get through the aftermath of an auto accident. Below are several things clients should look for in an injury attorney.

Local, Relevant Experience

There are many lawyers handling Personal Injury in Tacoma WA, but not all will be able to represent a victim of a pedestrian accident. A client should find a lawyer who has handled similar cases in the past, and one who has practiced Personal Injury in Tacoma WA for years. Like other traffic laws, pedestrian laws can differ from one jurisdiction to another. It’s OK to insist on a lawyer with local experience.


While no law firm can win every case and no lawyer can please every client, new clients should not underestimate the importance of personal referrals. If a family member, friend, coworker or acquaintance can offer an honest opinion on a particular attorney, a victim should give that lawyer a second look.

A Transparent Fee Structure

A reliable personal injury lawyer will gladly offer a free initial consultation, and clients should walk away from firms that are unwilling to do so. Proficient lawyers like those with website want to understand the case-;and they want clients to understand what is going on as well. If an attorney is not upfront about his or her fees from the very beginning, playing guessing games can be costly and risky.

No Guarantees or Promises

It has been said that plaintiffs win only 60% of pedestrian accident cases, even though these accidents occur roughly every seven minutes. While a client should avoid an attorney who never wins cases, they should consider that a win/loss record is not solely indicative of the lawyer’s quality of service. If an attorney promises an award of a certain size, the client should view those claims with a great deal of skepticism.

Victims of pedestrian auto accidents should not try to handle the case alone. These clients deserve an injury attorney with whom they can feel comfortable; someone who is trustworthy, and who has the client’s best interest at heart.

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