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Understanding Differences Between Retirement and Disability Social Security Benefits in Bellingham WA

When people think of Social Security Benefits in Bellingham WA, they generally tend to focus on retirement benefits that can be paid to individuals starting at age 62. That’s because U.S. residents tend to call this program by the short name “Social Security.” Another kind of benefit from the Administration is the monthly disability payment to people who can no longer work full-time because of a reduction in physical or mental function. U.S. residents tend to call these payments “disability,” not necessarily realizing they are part of the Social Security system.

Funds Running Out of Money?

U.S. citizens commonly worry about the retirement benefit fund running out of money, and they wonder how the government plans to deal with this. This particular problem will not affect disability Social Security Benefits in Bellingham WA because that money is set up in a separate trust fund that operates entirely differently. For example, the government is not allowed to borrow against this trust fund or use it for other purposes, as has happened with the retirement fund.

The government’s activity does not mean they have decimated the retirement fund or that it will run out of money any time soon. In fact, the Social Security Administration explains in great detail on its website exactly what is happening with the fund and how any problems might be addressed in the future.

Denials of Disability Benefit Applications

Someone might think that because that so many applications for disability benefits are denied, this means there’s not enough money for everyone who deserves it. That’s not the case, however. Typically, the applicant has not filled out the complex paperwork correctly or has not provided enough documentation that the health problem prevents full-time work.

Hiring an attorney from an organization such as Allen Law Firm to complete disability applications often is the best strategy for preventing claim denial. Another application or an appeal could be made after denial, but these processes take a long time. If the initial claim was denied, then having a knowledgeable lawyer work on the situation is important. Visit the website to learn more about this particular organization. Find us on Facebook!