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Types of Cases Handled by a Wrongful Death Attorney in Lacey, WA

Death is never a pleasant event for any family to face. When a death occurs due to the negligence of someone else, however, it makes the situation even more difficult to understand. If another person is to blame, it’s time to call a wrongful death attorney in Lacey, WA to seek compensation.

Auto Negligence

Anyone who is operating a motor vehicle is responsible for following all of the rules and regulations of the road. Unfortunately, some drivers choose to drive in a reckless or dangerous manner. If another person loses their life because of this negligence, the guilty driver should be held accountable.

Wrongful death on the road often happens due to driving under the influence, driving while fatigued, not obeying road rules, or driving recklessly. A wrongful death attorney in Lacey, WA will gather all of the facts to prove negligence. It’s their goal to get the most monetary compensation possible after a deadly auto accident.

Workplace Death

No one ever expects to get injured or even lose their life while at work. Unfortunately, this does happen. Even though a fall in an office can have deadly consequences, construction jobs are considered some of the most dangerous. Even a fall in an office can have deadly consequences.

A lawyer will find evidence to prove the employer didn’t provide safe working conditions, thus resulting in wrongful death. Improper training may also lead to injury or death. In addition to monetary compensation, the goal is to bring attention to safety issues to prevent another incident in the future.

Defective Products

Dangerous products sometimes get into the hands of consumers. If someone uses a defective product and dies as a result, a lawyer is needed to prove the company is at fault. It’s important to get the product recalled and fixed before it hurts another person.

Building a strong case requires expert witnesses who can prove the product was either not manufactured correctly or didn’t have the proper safety labeling. If the fault can be determined, the company will be responsible for paying the surviving family a fair compensation.

Wrongful death cases are always difficult. Not only is the family emotionally distraught, they must be able to prove someone else was negligent. Hiring an attorney will ensure a strong case is built. Visit our website to learn more about the types of wrongful death cases.