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Workers Comp Lawyers in Vero Beach FL Protect the Rights of Many Residents Each Year

Florida’s worker’s compensation system is meant to ensure that any person who is injured during the performance of work-related duties will be fairly and fully compensated. All employers statewide of a certain size are required to carry insurance policies that pay out when accidents or environmental conditions cause work-induced injuries or diseases.

In theory, the “no-fault” approach embodied by the law should enable workers to obtain compensation whenever it might be justified. In practice, insurers who provide this type of coverage often do everything possible to avoid making payments even in cases where they are most clearly justified.

Workers Comp Lawyers in Vero Beach FL like those at Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille are always ready to help even the odds and make sure employees who have been injured will be treated fairly. Getting in touch with such an attorney when a worker’s compensation claim is met with resistance will almost always be wise.

Worker’s Comp Insurers Have Many Ways to Try to Escape Their Obligations

Although the state’s no-fault worker’s comp system was meant to improve the situation for those with worthy, justified claims, it still leaves plenty of room for insurers to deny claims for various reasons. Some of the types of arguments that insurers most often use to avoid paying claims to involve issues like:

• Location: Each year, some individuals in Florida try to abuse the worker’s compensation system by claiming to suffer injuries on the job that were inflicted elsewhere. While insurers should never be made to pay such fraudulent claims, they also frequently use the threat of this problem as an excuse to deny legitimate ones. Whenever an insurer’s representative suggests that an on-the-job injury was suffered elsewhere, it will be wise to get in touch with Workers Comp Lawyers in Vero Beach FL.

• Disqualification: There are a variety of ways by which employees can legally become disqualified from coverage under the worker’s comp system, and insurers frequently make related accusations. Whether that means a suggesting that gross negligence was involved or suggestions that a worker used drugs, fighting back against these charges will always be important, too.

Never a Need to Give Up on a Legitimate Claim

What is most important is that workers recognize they have rights under this important system. In many cases, consulting with an attorney will be the best way to protect these when an injury has been suffered at work.