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What About Used Cars?

Used car lemon laws provide the same protection as regular lemon laws to those people who bought used cars under certain circumstances. There are six states in the union who provide protection under used car lemon laws and each of them have their own various enactments that state what is covered and for how long. Take New York for instance, if vehicles have to be purchased with less than 18,000 miles on them or are be less than two years old that they are eligible for a warranty. It’s also true if they have been leased or purchased from a dealer within the state and their purchase price is $15,000 or more. Each of the six states has their own standards that must be met before they will warranty a used vehicle.

Primarily Used for Personal Purposes?

Exactly what does the phrase primarily used for personal purposes really mean? What it simply means is that the vehicle has been used for household, family, or personal purposes, such as to run errands or to drive back and forth to work. A car may be used for mixed purposes such as personal and business, but to have it covered under the car lemon law, it must be used where the 50% of the time for personal purposes.

What Sales Are Covered?

A sale between you and a private individual is not covered under a lemon law. Any sale of a used car from the dealership or from an automobile auction so long as the seller is registered as a used car dealer with a Department of Motor Vehicles, or any seller that is registered as such, means that a used car can be covered under a car lemon law. If you feel that you have by a used vehicle that is a lemon, do not hesitate to contact the law firm of Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® for a consultation and assistance.