What Concepts Apply To Truck Accidents In Easton, PA

by | Apr 14, 2016 | Lawyers

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In Pennsylvania, attorneys help accident victims manage formal claims against the responsible driver. They present information about concepts that apply to trucking accidents. A local attorney could help these victims manage all the requirements to acquire compensation after Truck Accidents in Easton PA today.

Investigating Potential Criminal Acts During an Accident

The first factor to evaluate when investigating a trucking accident is to identify any criminal acts. The use of alcohol or controlled substances while driving present an immediate DUI for the driver. Additionally, the driver is required to cover all Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations. If they don’t follow these regulations, they could face civil penalties for these violations.

Reviewing the Driving Hours of the Commercial Driver

All commercial drivers are required to drive during appropriate hours only. They are limited to twelve hour shifts that are followed by an eight hour resting period. If they don’t take these rest periods, they could cause an accident due to driving while exhausted. Additionally, if these drivers take medications to improve alertness, they could face additional driving violations due to driving under the influence.

Opportunities Through Commercial Trucking Insurance

Commercial insurance coverage will pay for medical treatment and auto repairs under certain conditions. The commercial driver must be performing their job duties at the time of the accident. If the insurance policy has restrictions, the victim won’t acquire payment if the vehicle was operated for personal purposes.

Requirements for a Formal Lawsuit

Formal lawsuits must provide information about the victim’s injuries and expenses. The medical records must provide extensive details about the injuries that connect them to the accident. It is urgent for the victim to prove that the accountable driver is responsible for their injuries directly. They must also include a total value for any wages that were lost during the recovery time.

Pennsylvania victims must acquire assistance when they are involved in trucking accidents. These events require officers to investigate to determine what circumstances produce the victim’s injuries. This may include driving while exhausted or under the influence. Victims of Truck Accidents in Easton PA should contact an attorney or look at more info here today.