Identifying the Requirements of a Claim with a Product Liability Attorney in Norwich, CT

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Lawyers

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In Connecticut, consumers are protected against unethical manufacturers. State and federal laws prevent manufacturers from releasing unsafe products to consumers. When safety issues are discovered, the Consumer Rights Protection Agency steps in to protect these consumers. A product liability attorney in Norwich, CT can help them file a formal claim against the manufacturers.

Reporting the Flaws to the Consumer Rights Protection Agency

Upon the discovery of an unsafe product, the consumer must file a report with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. The agency evaluates the report and tests the product in question. If the report is filed through the court, it could present more information to the agency and court. This report enables the agency and the court to launch an investigation.

The Findings of the Investigation

The investigation allows for testing of the product, performed to identify the risks to the consumer. The findings determine if certain warnings could have prevented the victim’s injuries. Under federal law, all manufacturers are required to affix warning labels on their products if a risk exists. The warning labels should identify conditions that could produce injuries. However, if the risks are too great to control, the manufacturer is liable for releasing a dangerous product.

Acquiring the Full Medical Records for the Injury

The victim’s injuries are documented in their full medical records. These records are included in the formal claim and they must show a correlation between the use of the product and the victim’s injuries. They must include a medical assessment that shows how the injuries were produced. This connection deems the manufacturer accountable due to previous knowledge of the risks. This liability could lead to a monetary award for the victim, which could include punitive damages as well.

In Connecticut, consumers gain protection under federal and state laws. These laws apply to the production and release of all consumer-based products. Under these laws, manufacturers are held to a higher standard that prevents the possibility of consumer injuries. Victims who sustained injuries while using any product should hire a products liability attorney in Norwich, CT by contacting Stephen M. Reck, or visit the website immediately.