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What to Expect From Estate Planning Service in Las Vegas, NV

In Nevada, estate owners who develop strategies for the future are securing their property and assets. The planning process shows them how to prevent a loss during probate that could affect their beneficiaries financially. Estate planning services in Las Vegas, NV help people protect their assets more proactively.

Setting Up a Will for the Estate Owner

A will allows the estate owner to make choices about their property and assets. They determine what family members receive these items and outline any provisions that apply to ownership. The estate owner may place these conditions on the use of any property or asset, which proves beneficial for those who have minor children. It allows them to plan for the unexpected and prevent their children from facing unwanted hardships.

Utilizing a Non-Profit Organization to Transfer Wealth

The creation of a non-profit organization allows the estate owner to transfer their wealth legally. Once the property is transferred to the organization, it is no longer a part of the estate, which prevents creditors from gaining access to the property through the probate process. The estate owner can also assign ownership of the organization to anyone they wish.

What Is a Health Care Directive?

A health care directive is a document that defines the estate owner’s wishes if they become incapacitated. It determines how long lifesaving strategies should be used if they fall into a coma. It also determines if they want to be placed on life support or have any heroic measures taken to save their lives.

Awarding Power of Attorney for Health Care

A power of attorney allows the estate owner to identify a proxy to manage their health care. This document allows the proxy to manage their property and assets if they cannot make decisions for themselves. It also allows for protection against unethical use of their assets.

In Nevada, estate owners gain more control over their property and assets if they utilize planning strategies. These opportunities allow them to make choices about who receives these items when they die. It also allows them to set up provisions to protect these assets. Estate owners who need estate planning services in Las Vegas NV should contact Grant Morris Dodds or click here for more information today.