What Defense Choices Are Available Through DUI Defense Law in St. Peters, MO?

by | Apr 17, 2017 | DUI Defense Law

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In Missouri, all drivers who are arrested for a DUI have access to a defense attorney. They don’t have to accept the guilt if the driver has a suitable reason for driving. While driving while intoxicated is a crime, there are circumstances in which driving is unavoidable. Under DUI defense law in St. Peters, MO, these drivers have access to defenses that can help them.

Duress or Threat of Bodily Harm

Any driver who was under duress will drive due to the fear of bodily harm. Duress could be presented if another party threatens to injury or kill them or someone they care about. It could also be based on circumstances in which they are threatened directly by a deadly weapon.

Defense of Involuntary Intoxication

Any driver that has traces of date rape drugs in their system could avoid charges due to involuntary intoxication. The officers will find the traces of the drugs during chemical testing. All results from testing provide the driver with a viable defense. This is another reason why the driver must request an additional sample of their blood. The attorney can test the blood sample for the presence of these drugs.

Zero Probable Cause

If the officer didn’t have any probable cause, the case can be dismissed. The driver must commit a moving violation prior to the traffic stop. If they didn’t acquire any citations over the course of the arrest, this could show that the officers didn’t have just cause to stop the driver.

Inaccuracy of the Breathalyzer

Breathalyzers must be tested and repaired at regular intervals. If they aren’t, the law enforcement could be liable and face penalties. If the case is based on inaccurate test results, the charges are dismissed.

In Missouri, drivers can avoid criminal DUI charges if they acquire a strong defense. This defense must be based on circumstances that applied to their case. They must utilize one of the defenses that are available to drunk drivers in Missouri. Drivers facing these charges under DUI defense law in St. Peters, MO Defense Law in St. Peters MO need to contact an attorney or learn more about us here.

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