Why Should Victims Hire Dog Bite Lawyers in Bronx, NY?

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Lawyers

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No one gets up in the morning with the desire to be bitten by a dog. Even so, a significant number of people will be bitten before the day ends. When this type of event does happen, hiring one of the dog bite lawyers in Bronx, NY should be the next move after seeking medical attention. Here is why securing legal counsel is the only practical thing to do.

Assessing the Situation

Depending on the events leading up to the bite, the client may or may not have a case. For example, did the bite take place while the victim was in a public setting, or did it occur while on the property of a friend? Did a neighbor’s dog get loose, wander on to the property of the victim and bit a member of the family? Taking a good look at the specifics will make it easier for the lawyer to provide advice to the client.

Explaining How Local Laws Apply

The average citizen will not be aware of different laws that may apply in this type of situation. Once the lawyer has a firm grasp on what took place, it’s possible to identify specific laws that have some bearing on the event. That makes it all the easier to determine what needs to happen next.

Approaching the Dog Owner

It’s best to allow the lawyer to approach the owner of the dog. dog bite lawyers in Bronx, NY can ask for documentation that confirms the pet has received all the necessary shots, and that rabies is not a possibility. Along with attaining that confirmation, the lawyer can also seek to reach some sort of settlement with the dog owner.

Keep in mind that many home insurance policies do include provisions that cover this type of event. Depending on the circumstances, it may be as simple as filing a claim and having the proceeds directed to the injured party.

Taking the Matter to Court

If the dog owner chooses to not settle, court is the final option. Rest assured the lawyer will work to ensure all evidence is presented to the court so there is no chance of any relevant information being overlooked.

After having the bite checked, the next call should be to the Law Office of Ada R. Pretto P.L.L.C. and a consultation at the earliest possible date. With legal support, the matter will soon be resolved.