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Why you should hire a Lakeland Criminal Lawyer for DUI charges

Getting a DUI can be extremely detrimental on your quality of life. There’s a good chance that you could lose your license, face jail time, and face community service charges. A DUI can be an extremely damaging charge to face on your record and with proper representation from an Lakeland criminal lawyer there are ways that you can fight your case. One of the most important things that you can do is collect as much data from your DUI charge as possible. Once you have collected this data, it’s important to meet with some Atlanta criminal lawyers to see what exactly they can do to reduce your sentence or remove the limitations from your license. Finding an attorney that you feel comfortable with and trust is the first step.

Depending on how bad your blood-alcohol level was at the time that you were taken in, or if there are any other charges applied to you such as reckless driving, an Lakeland criminal lawyer will try to see a reduction in your sentencing.

A DUI arrest in Atlanta can mean a number of alarming things:

1. If you are convicted of a DUI you could face jail time between 24 hours up to one year. By having in Lakeland criminal lawyer that has experience in dealing with DUIs you could see a minimized sentence.

2. A DUI case generally involves at least three court appearances. When you are budgeting for a criminal lawyer in Lakeland FL it’s important to consider that you will have to pay their consulting fee along with the three court dates.

3. Limitations on your drivers license can last for a very long time depending on the severity of your case. The loss of your license, or commercial drivers license, can make you unable to work or commute to your job. Your criminal lawyer will help? to regain your full license privileges faster or help to award you special driving privileges to work and back home.

Criminal law Attorney in Lakeland FL with experience in DUI charges are extremely helpful and it’s important not to proceed in a DUI legal battle without first consulting the right Atlanta criminal lawyer for you.

Criminal lawyer Lakeland Being Charged with DUI is a serious matter and you need an aggressive, experienced criminal attorney at your side. Law Offices of Peddy, P.A. can fight against your DUI charge each step of the way.