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A Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Queens County, NY Helps When Nurses Cause Harm

People commonly think of medical malpractice as a situation involving doctors, but nurses sometimes are implicated in these incidents instead. A person who believes he or she was harmed by the negligence or carelessness of a nurse may consult a medical malpractice lawyer in Queens County, NY and explain what happened. This attorney can help the person learn whether the experience may be considered actual malpractice.

Straightforward Incidents

Some of these situations are relatively straightforward. A nurse cannot leave a young child unattended in an exam room, for example. That child may fall off the table, eat some medicine stored in a cabinet or injure himself with a sharp object. It should be noted that the patient must actually have experienced harm in order for the parent to file a malpractice claim or lawsuit. A child falling off an exam table may be a traumatic experience for the parent, but if no injury occurred, there is no malpractice case.

Complex Scenarios

Other situations are more complicated. If a nurse looks away for a few seconds to consult the chart and the child jumps off the table and breaks an ankle, does that constitute negligence on the nurse’s part? A Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Queens County NY would need to know all the details of the incident to make a determination.

High-Risk Medical Areas

Errors and negligence on the part of nurses tends to occur more often in high-risk settings, such as emergency rooms and critical care units. Nurses are likely to be overworked and sometimes deal with intense circumstances. While trying to manage numerous patients who have been seriously injured in a multi-vehicle collision, for instance, they are more likely to overlook an important bit of information. They also may not respond quickly enough to a patient who needs immediate attention.

How the Attorney Helps

When someone has been injured or had a condition worsened because of the behavior of nursing staff, The Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini III can help that person obtain financial compensation. An attorney will gather all documentation and relevant evidence, and may seek assistance from an expert witness. click here for more information.