Harmful Physician Errors May Be Eligible for Cases Handled by a Medical Misdiagnosis Attorney in New London, CT

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Lawyers

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A misdiagnosis or a delay in the diagnosis of a disease can cause physical harm and emotional trauma. This is a form of medical malpractice. Someone who has been affected by this type of circumstance may want to consult a Medical Misdiagnosis Attorney in New London, CT to learn whether the medical facility should be held responsible for paying financial compensation.


It must be proved that the diagnostic issue caused the condition to worsen because the patient did not receive the appropriate treatment. More aggressive treatment may have become necessary to cure or manage the disease once the correct diagnosis was made. Surgery may now be required whereas it would not have been needed before. A more aggressive medication regimen may be required.

A Medical Misdiagnosis Attorney in New London, CT also must be able to prove the issue was due to incompetence, negligence, or carelessness. If the medical facility can show doctors in other facilities would probably have made the same decision, it will be difficult to prove malpractice.

A Unique Story to Tell

Each person who has received a settlement or court award for this type of case has a unique story to tell. There are many examples online, and many people also can think of an example that has been told by someone they know. A failure to diagnose kidney stones could lead to a need for surgery if the stones become too large for lithotripsy to work. Failure to diagnose the need for a cesarean section could cause injury to the mother or the baby.

Settlement or Trial

If it turns out the individual has a good case, usually the matter is settled out of court if the person responsible or those in charge of the facility admit fault. A lawyer such as Stephen M. Reck negotiates a fair settlement with the practitioner’s or facility’s malpractice insurer. In cases that caused serious harm, however, lawyers commonly prefer to bring the case to trial, so juries have the option of awarding very large sums. More information on this particular attorney can be viewed at.