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A Program for Debt Relief in Topeka, KS May Become Necessary for a Person With Compulsive Buying Disorder

The term “shopaholic” is often used jokingly to describe someone who absolutely loves to shop, but a true addiction to buying unnecessary items is no laughing matter. Uncontrollable, compulsive buying can leave a person in dire financial straits, owing far too much money on credit cards and personal loans. Filing for bankruptcy may be required for this type of debt relief in Topeka KS.

Compulsive Buying Disorder

Compulsive buying is not medically recognized as a mental health issue, but mental health professionals increasingly consider it to be a form of addiction. The problem has become more prevalent because of venues like Internet retail and auction websites and shopping channels on TV. Now it only takes a mouse click or a quick phone call to make a purchase or several. Easy access to credit makes the problem even worse. A consumer with even fair credit can acquire a dozen credit cards with very little trouble.

Seeking Legal and Psychological Help

When it becomes apparent that a person will need to file for bankruptcy for Debt Relief in Topeka KS, seeking help from a psychological counselor is advisable. Some addiction counselors offer specialized therapy for men and women caught in this trap of overspending. Psychology views this as a compulsive behavior disorder connected with poor impulse control.

One of the requirements for a bankruptcy filing is to participate in a credit counseling course. This can be very helpful for most consumers, but a person with a compulsive behavior disorder is not thinking rationally. Effective mental health therapy may be essential because of how easy it is to get some form of credit, even relatively soon after filing.

Developing Effective Self-Help Strategies

Consumers dealing with this level of overspending can work on developing strategies that work for them. Bankruptcy allows them to make a fresh start, wiping away most or all of their outstanding debt after they pay down as much as possible. Avoiding the use of credit and no longer spending time on shopping websites are two important steps for avoiding new debt problems. For a free initial consultation visit Business Name.