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Seeking Assistance From An Attorney After Being Involved In A Sexual Assault

Whether it’s from someone you work with or someone you’re in a relationship with, a sexual assault can occur involving anyone you know. If you’re the victim of this type of crime, you do have legal rights so that you can get the justice you deserve. A sexual assault attorney San Antonio offers can assist with the process of filing charges against the other person and making sure all of the evidence is presented in court.


The first step that your attorney will take is talking to you about what happened regarding the assault. It’s beneficial if you have police reports or if you have any documents from a hospital or medical doctor to show the details recorded of the attack. Once you’ve discussed the details of the assault, your attorney will work to determine the best plan of action so that you can get the justice as well as any compensation that you might be owed depending on the situation.

Understanding Details

You might not know that you’ve been sexually assaulted until you talk to an attorney. Sometimes, things might happen that make you feel uncomfortable but because of the relationship you have with the other person, you might not associate assault with the incident. A sexual assault attorney San Antonio offers can discuss the details that qualify as a sexual assault and if what you experienced constitutes this kind of crime. Most of the time, any kind of unwanted sexual contact can be classified as assault.

Going to Court

When it’s time to go to court to find out what will happen regarding the assault, your attorney will direct you as to which questions to answer and the details that you need to provide. Your attorney will usually be the one who presents evidence in support of the charges against the person who assaulted you so that you don’t need to say anything. The judge will then make a decision as to the conviction and any kind of compensation.

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