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Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Law Firm in Singapore

Being arrested for a crime can be a very scary experience. After getting arrested, the person would be put in jail. The one main chance that anyone has to get out of jail is to hire a criminal law firm in Singapore. There are several benefits of having a lawyer, whether the individual is guilty or not.

Bail Assistance

After an individual is arrested, they would go before a judge to have the bail set. Whether or not the person can be bailed out of jail and the amount of bail set would depend on the severity of the crime and the individual’s past criminal history. A criminal law firm in Singapore, can help the individual be released on bail at the lowest cost possible.

Plea Deals

If an individual is guilty of the crime that they were arrested for, a criminal lawyer can try to work out a plea deal. This is where the individual would agree to plead guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence. Because criminal lawyers have relationships with the prosecutors, plea deals are something that only a lawyer can handle.

Case Evaluation

In order for an individual to find out how much trouble they are really in, they would need to get a realistic case evaluation. A lawyer would give advice regarding the next steps, based on the crime and the evidence against the person.

Case Preparation and Representation

If the individual is innocent, or if they believe that they can be found innocent during a trial, they would need a lawyer to prepare the strongest case. The lawyer would use the evidence collected from the police, the individual’s accounts of what happened, and any witnesses that come forward for the individual to prepare the case. During the trial, the individual’s criminal lawyer would question witnesses on the individual’s behalf and then cross-examine the witnesses on the state’s behalf. The attorney would present the strongest case possible, in hopes that the jury would find them innocent.

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