If Your Freedom is in Jeopardy, Talk To Criminal Lawyers in Ann Arbor MI

by | Jul 21, 2023 | Law Firm

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Being arrested does not mean conviction is guaranteed. It does not mean guilty. It does mean that the defendant is facing the full power of the state.

However, the state is is composed of human beings and people make mistakes. No one should be convicted based on errors, but it happens. There are a number of police investigative errors that happen over and over again.

1. One of the most frequent errors is stopping a driver without have a reasonable suspicion for doing so. That means that all of the evidence found because of this illegal stop cannot be used against the driver in court.

2. When officers administer field sobriety tests, those tests are not always administered properly. Although all officers are supposed to be trained to do this, mistakes are made and the tests are scientifically invalid. This means that there was no ‘probable cause’ and the test results cannot be presented in court.

3. The prosecutor’s case relies heavily on the police reports and on speaking with the arresting officer. Busy officers and prosecutors may only have one brief meeting before court. An experienced

4. Criminal Lawyers Ann Arbor MI will be likely to recognize mistakes in the prosecutor’s case because of this and will know how to use this as part of the defense case.

5. Paperwork gets lost by prosecutors and police departments. Missing affidavits or videos cannot be used against the defendant. Criminal Lawyers Ann Arbor MI will know how to look for police and prosecutor errors when presenting an effective defense for their client. No one should lose years of their lives because of errors and mistakes.

The attorneys at Hermanowski Law have decades of combined experience serving the legal needs of people in Ann Arbor MI. If someone’s freedom is in jeopardy, they should schedule a free initial consultation with Criminal Lawyers Ann Arbor MI to discuss the specifics of their case and the available options.