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Using a Social Security Attorney, Make an Appointment in Tennessee

After you file for Social Security disability benefits, you may need to attend a hearing before you qualify. This is strictly administrative in nature, so you don’t have to worry about any of the usual associations made about going to court. It’s very beneficial to have a Social Security attorney with you as they can help you present your case well. Tennessee residents should make use of locally available legal services.

Preparing for the Hearing

Before attending the hearing, it’s important that you know exactly what to expect. It’s unlikely that there would be any surprises, so an experienced attorney can walk you through the whole procedure. You should know where to go for the hearing, what to bring, and any regulations about what not to bring to the courthouse. Your attorney can also prepare you for the type of questions that you can expect to be asked. These include questions about your daily activities, work history, and disability history. Knowing about these questions in advance can help you feel more relaxed and prepared on the day of the hearing.

At the Hearing

On the day of the hearing, make sure that you arrive on time with all the necessary documentation that may be required. Be sure to follow instructions on where to sign in and sit. The preparation you received from your attorney can help you to answer the questions that are presented to you. If you have your attorney present, they may have an opportunity to question an expert there and add any additional information. The judge may or may not give a judgment immediately.

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